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How Does Water Get In My Basement

Solutions To A Wet Basement

Your basement is wet, and to solve the problem, it is important to know where the water is coming in while it is actually entering in. With this information the problem can be solved and prevented from happening again.

There are six main areas to check for when water is entering into your basement:

1. Where the basement floor meets the wall
The water entering into the basement is coming in where the wall and floor of the basement meet and can be fixed with a low pressure system. By removing the concrete in the floor by the joint and installing a low pressure system, this will alleviate the water pressure and allow the water to run laterally into a drop off point such as a sump pump instead of onto your basement floor. This type of work should only be completed by experienced specialty contractors.
We recommend the following solutions:

  • Water Trek Aqua Route and the Water Grabber Bulldog

2. Check all visible cracks in the walls
If water is entering through cracks in your basement walls, there are several options available depending on your type of wall that offer a permanent solution. Whether you have a poured, block, stone, brick or rock foundation we have the solution to your wet basement/crawlspace problem.
We recommend the following solution:

  • Techni-Crack

3. Check any visible floor cracks
If water is entering the basement through a crack in the floor, trying sealants, paints or adding concrete will not permanently fix this problem. You will need an experienced specialty contractor to install a low pressure system to relieve the pressure similar to the solution for where the basement floor meets the wall.
We recommend the following solution:

  • Running an Artery to a Water Grabber Bull Dog

4. Bulkhead or stairway entry area
Bulkheads and stairways have many variables but the same goal, and that is to stop water from getting on the floor inside. The best solution is to have an experienced specialty contractor install a floor grate at the foundation wall on the inside that will catch the water as it enters from the bulkhead or stairway and drain it to a low pressure system to pump the water away.
We recommend the following solutions:

  • Water Trek Aqua Route
  • Water Grabber Bull dog

5. Windows in the basement walls
Water collecting at the foundation wall and leaking around a window is very common and is usually remedied   by doing an exterior excavation. An experienced contractor would dig down to a depth of 8 to 12 inches into the ground and use a low pressure system to re-rout the water to another area of your property. One of the other methods that out trained specialists can use is to dig down below the window about 18 inches and replace the dirt with stone, then, drill through the foundation below the window into the stone and place a barrier on the inside of the foundation wall creating a well for the water to collect in. Once the well is complete, the water can be directed from the window well into an interior low pressure system to pump the water away.
For these solutions we recommend:

  • Water Trek Aqua Route
  • Water Grabber Bull Dog
  • Curtain Drain
  • Lawn Magnum
  • Bubbler Pot
  • The Light (replacement windows)
  • Air Mop® 2
  • Bon Aire
  • Humid-Evac™

6. Over the top of the foundation
Some foundations are built low to the ground and homes on this type of foundation at the base of a hill are prone to water penetration of this type. If it is determined that water is coming over the top of the foundation wall, there are two methods to fix this situation:

  • An exterior low pressure system can be installed at a depth of 8 to 12 inches that would drain the water down and take it to another spot on your property.
  • If the above method does not fully succeed, an interior system can be installed to work in tandem with the exterior system. This system will make us of a vapor barrier over the wall that collects the water coming in and directing it to a low pressure system to be pumped away. Both methods are effective and should be completed by a specialty contractor.

It is important to note that all the solutions to remedy a wet basement can easily be solved by a specialty contractor like Best Building Technologies if the source of the water entry is known. The fully educated Homeowner will know what needs to be done by reading this information and should expect a specialty contractor like Best Basement Technologies to offer the appropriate solution.
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